Our Eyelash extensions are attached one by one to your exsisting eyelashes which will curl along with the extensions, for beautiful eyes.Shorten make up time and say goodbye to mascaras and eyelash curlers for about 3 weeks. They won't come off or run at the pool or beach. As our Eyelash Extensions come off naturally one by one, your original eyelashes will be the same as before and ready for application.
Please enjoy your time in HAWAII!(It will come off one by one, so it won’t look unnatural.)
There is a VIP room. You have a priority to receive treatment, so you do not have to wait.There is DVD for children to watch while they are waiting.If you are cold, you may ask for a blanket. Also, there is fan, if you are hot.
There are different designs;
cute, sexy, and glamorous, depending on your needs

 Upper Eyelash Extension

100 Extension・・


80 Extension・・・


60 Extension・・・

natural volume

50 Extension・・・

repair and adding

40 Extension・・・

 Lower Extension(By applying lower eyelash extension, you can make your eyes look better


 Optional Eyelash Extension Menu

Balance subtle color tones or make a statement with
your choice of blue, purple, yellow, and red. Be creative!
C curl mix

This Eyelash Extension has a stronger curl than our regular
extensions and makes your eyes bigger. To help lift flat
eyelashes, we can mix this curl extensions and regular extensions.

Bunch Extension (10Ex~) & Regular Extension (60Ex) $100

Bunch Extension 14+ Regular Extension60→Extra Volume.

Full Volume Extension $150


Individual Lashes & Thick Extension $120
OFF $20~

 Optional Eyelash Extension Menu
 (Extension brush: You need to brush your extensions when they start going every direction.
  It is one per person, but please ask staff if you lose it.

Choice of Tape
1. Regular Tape: This is a tape for normal skin type customers who so not have sensitive skin. This tape is for medical use, and glue part is a little stronger from tape forsensitive skin, so it has more stability when we tape lower lashes. Also,it is easier for both customers and technicians to receive or give service.
2. Original Tape: This tape was made special with less glue part. There is glue that tapes on inner corner and corner, and covers the part that goes on to lower eyelashes.
3. Moisturizer Pack Tape: Skin around your eyes is one of the thinnest part of your body, and easier to get dry. You can prevent fine wrinkles with this special eye care pack once a month when you come to the salon.
Choice of Glue
1. Regular Glue:
2. Glue for sensitive skin or who has allergy: This glue is recommended if you have sensitive skin or allergy. However, eyelash extensions may come off faster than using regular glue since the glue is weaker.
Eyebrow Services
1. Cut Only: Trim both eyebrows’ length evenly.
2. Cut + Clean: Clean eyebrows and trim both eyebrows’ length evenly.
3. Eyebrow Wax: Hair grows slower by waxing and you can keep them clean about three weeks.
Full Removes for all extensions
1. Using Regular Remove: This treatment will operated with your eyes closed.
2. Remover for Eyelash Extension from Other Salon This remover works for all glues relatively. It is cream type remover and fewer irritants for
your eyes.
Eye Relax
This makes your blood circulation better by massaging and massage pressure point for eyestrain, etc. before eyelash extension treatment. This is good for someone who uses computer all day, is tired, bleariness, or eyes twitch because of lack of sleep to relax. Hot towel, relaxation massage + pressure point massage (Eyes and face) cold towel, eye pack, eyelash cleaning
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