Anegel is our original gel nail, which has a natural shiny tone to it so that they go well with glitters and shiny tones. The most distinguished difference between regular gel nails our gel is that ace tone is not needed to remove them and that you can just use alcohol for removal.

 Base(Cuticle, Buffing, File)

Clear Gel
Gradation Glitter Gel
Color Gel
Color Gradation Gel
 + 10 stones

 + 3D Art/ each

Gel Removal 10/$20
Artificial Nail Removal 1/$5
Bio Gel & Cal Gel Mix +$5
 Only Bio GEL / Cal Gel +$10

 Base Care Menu

Basic Dry Care $30 File、Color、Buffing、Cuticle
Hand + Nail Treatment Pac $20
Hand Massage $10

Basic Care + Massage Set Menu $30

 Foot Menu(Same Hand Menu)

 Bio Gel&Cal Gel MIX +$5
 Only Bio Gel・Cal Gel  +$10
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