With appointments, you are able to get Gel (hand) Nail and Eyelash Extensions at the same time.

 Set Menu

Extension (100 Eyelash Extension)
Hand Gel Nail (stone art )
Extension (100 Eyelash Extension)
Hand & Foot Gel Nail (stone art )

 Oyako Menu

Oyako Nails Combo (Color Polish & Art)

If MAMA comes together, it’s going to be $5 OFF!
(NOT include TAX & TIPs)

Eyelash Perm

Tool used for the perm are all one use only ( They're disposed after each use.)Therefore more sanitary for each client.Process time depends on clients natural lashes. Average time 1hr or 1hr30min.Home care : After the perm, it is ok to go back to a normal routine such as washing your face, putting mascara, etc. The curl lasts for about two to three weeks. It slowly grows out with your natural lashes.


Cute&lotus was established over 5 years ago in Hawaii, our main salon cute was established over 10 years ago.
Professional technician will teach you.
You can learn Japanese polite, delicate technique with our original training program.
There are three courses; beginner, advance, and professional course.
You may able to work at our salon after fully completing courses.


Beginner course

Tuition fee$400 +tax
CurriculumAbout Eyelash Extensions.
How to tape

Advance Course

Tuition fee$700 +tax
Starter kit(optional)$200 + tax
CurriculumContents from beginner course
Study on tools and how to apply top lashes
How to remove and repair

Professional Course

Hour24hours with certificate
Tuition fee$1400 +tax
Starter kit(optional)$300 + tax

Contents from advance course
Consultation and how to take care
How to handle customer complaints
Check technique, direction and balance on extensions.

Bottom Eyelash Extension Course *Only when you take professional course

Tuition fee$200 +tax
CurriculumHow to apply bottom eyelash extensions
How to remove extensions.


For more detail, please contact below.
Tel (808)-946-8679        E-mail info@cute-lotus.com


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